Motto by Santa Furia

Motto by Santa Furia

Minimalism reigns with Santa Furia’s Motto collection.

partial views of four pieces in Motto collection

A design collective based in Costa Rica, Santa Furia focuses on clean, detail-oriented design that’s “a product of close collaboration with clients.”

Stainless steel stool

Motto focuses on a single material. The collection features stainless steel incarnations of a slim stool, pragmatic mirror, slender coat rack, and go-anywhere floor lamp.

Motto floor lamp, view of top portion
Motto collection mirror with cat looking at it

Motto’s wares are streamlined and contemporary pieces that offer cohesion and a pared-down aesthetic. We promise your cat won’t be the only one who’s transfixed.

lamp, mirro, stool, coat rack

See Santa Furia to find out more.

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