Up and Away

Up and Away

Get on up with the Up Stool by Fluid Concepts. This clever little workhorse features a contoured non-slip top for comfort and traction, as well as an energizing style in six vibrant colors.

Up Stool four stools in blue, white, yellow, orange

Up is lightweight and height-adjustable—simply tug on the strap to actuate the hydraulic height mechanism and find your fit.

Up Stool several stools around white table in casual office

It also features a cool contoured base. This keeps it fluid, creating small movements that require equally small bodily corrections to keep blood flow moving and avoid some of the physiological pitfalls of the seated position.

Up Stool man and woman chatting while seated on blue Up Stools in cubicle environment

Offering a “dynamic casual seating experience which moves you,” Up is a great addition to any workspace or home office. It’s mobile seating with good ergonomics and great versatility. Contact Fluid Concepts to get yours. And check out more cool stools on Designer Pages Media.

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