Philippe Nigro’s Shade Collection

Philippe Nigro’s Shade Collection

Shade is a family of indoor/outdoor chairs and stools designed by Philippe Nigro and Et Al. for Sandler Seating.

Shade Seating outdoor cafe

The collection is simple but not simplistic. Using the essential material of tubular steel, Nigro has created versatile seating that’s also an eclectic art piece, as the open steel structure manipulates light, casting intricate shadows in crisscrossing patterns that change with the height of the sun (or angle of the pendant).

Shade Seating indoors stylized image with three chairs

The phenomenon gives Shade its name and also its distinctive allure, simultaneously providing light, elegant, and versatile seating and an intriguing ambience that suits the outdoors: “a micro architecture of steel tubes and wire that have been welded together for a graphical and optical woven effect.”

Shade seating stylish image two chairs and stool

Options for Shade include arms and arm-less versions, weather-resistant cushions, and choice of 18 colors. The collection is also part of the Sandler Healthier Hospitals initiative—it’s free of formaldehyde, poly-fluorinated compounds, polyvinyl chloride, and flame retardants.

See Sandler Seating for additional information. And go to Designer Pages Media for more from Philippe Nigro.

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