Take a Dip

Take a Dip

I finally realized what Elanur Aslan’s Dip Stool reminds me of!

Dip Stool detail from front

Some time back in the 80’s, gift stores were beset with “pinscreens”: box-like structures made of dozens of miniscule, sliding metal pins. You could press your face into it and a likeness would appear on the other side, sort of like Han Solo frozen in Carbonite.

Two yellow stools side and rear views

Made of matching plastic planks hung on a wooden dowel, Dip has the same kind of mechanical motion allure: “The material lends a unique aesthetic appeal, but also ensures durability and ease of maintenance… allowing for a wide range of color options.”

Line of dip Stools with one teetering on edge

And the integrated handle makes relocation a breeze.

Detail from rear

See Elanur Aslan to find out more.

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