Windy Day & Jangalee from Kate Loudoun Shand

Windy Day & Jangalee from Kate Loudoun Shand

Kate Loudoun Shand has been working with artistic patterns and textiles for over 20 years. She has generated curious and imaginative textiles collections for clients as diverse as Anthropologie and The Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Windy Day wallpaper and Windy Day painting

The wallpapers we are featuring today begin as paintings. Then, Kate Loudoun Shand transforms them into wallpapers, another variation on the same work. They’re charming, joyful, and somewhat sentimental. “We try to make prints that capture the rich feeling of loving what’s past and what’s present at once.” That simultaneous feeling must be where we’re feeling that twinge of grief.

Windy Day in Russet-Brown in situ

Windy Day in Russet-Brown is a scene portraying clusters of trees caught up in a gust of wind and country birds in the background soaring the wind’s contours and heights. This wallpaper might have been on the walls at your grandmother’s house, but it seems just as likely to be a top choice for a newly decorated home today. Again, that “then” and “now” feeling.

Windy Day in Russet-Brown product image

This breezy wallpaper might be the illustrated equivalent to the old wives tale, “When the leaves show their undersides, be very sure that rain betides.” It’s an awesome experience to watch the wind course through the trees before a storm, but in Windy Day, these are some big gales. You better find your friends and make your way to shelter.

Jangalee in Midnight Blue in situ

Now let’s head to the African plains. Jangalee in Midnight Blue is an illustrated collection of swirly and spotted animals. This cast of wildlife characters is a zoological feast, all seemingly mid-movement. In this wallpaper, antelopes, hyenas, zebras, oxen, a pheasant-eating jaguar, and a Barbary Macaque monkey that’s up to mischief are all moving about their day. (Look closely and you’ll see that mischief monkey’s little “c” Curious-George inspired ears.)

POW! in Black product image

POW! in Black is another entertaining wallpaper from Kate Loudoun Shand. POW! is the recognizable comic strip action indication. We all know it from the world of color saturated superheroes and their fights and right jabs before they fly off into the sky. But POW!’s illustrated effect softens its blow. Its neutral and geometric pattern fronts as super chic and comes across as slightly more feminine.

POW! in situ

Kate Loudoun Shand studied at Saint Martin’s College and the Royal College of Art. She lives in Wiltshire in the UK, but often travels back to spend time in her old home in Brooklyn. Explore more of Kate Loudoun Shand’s fabric, wallpaper, and custom designs on her website.

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