Winter Line-Up from Graham & Brown

Winter Line-Up from Graham & Brown

No one does color and contrast as impressively as Graham & Brown, so we’re especially excited that the company’s latest wallpaper line to land in the U.S. is long on both: four new patterns invested in organic forms any hyper-real realities.

New Designs: Norse Forest, Esther, Reecho, and Clavering Birds

Inspired by Norse mythology and the belief that nature may ward off evil incursions—especially marauding Germanic tribes from the South—Norse Forest portrays the deep, dark magnitude and intensity of Scandinavian forests.

Norse Forest white/silver trees on a blue/gray background
Norse Forest in white wallpaper

Esther is more pastoral but no less inspired. This intricate print imagines quintessential British meadows up close and personal and tangling out their wild spires right into your bedroom or living room.

Esther wallpaper print in blue and white
Esther in green in delightful room with doors with stained glass windows and built-in window seat

Reecho is focused on a very different kind of natural phenomena. Based on the movement of sound waves as they interact with the environment, Reecho makes for an abstract design that conveys a pronounced sense of calm.

Reecho in green and white

Reecho wallpaper fuzzy vertical and horizontal lines kind of like an inkblot in greens, blues, whites

Lastly, Clavering Birds challenges you to figure out what that means. This customized, hand-drawn, exacting depiction of busy birds chattering away is so vibrant and dynamic that it nearly outdoes the real thing.

colorful songbirds on thin branches

In keeping with their investment in the wild world, Graham & Brown is a carbon-neutral company that continues to work hard every day to reduce waste. All paper comes from sustainably managed sources, and all paint is water-based. The wallpaper designs featured here are each available in multiple colors. See the company website to find out more.

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