Textiles from Christophe Delcourt and Future Perfect

Textiles from Christophe Delcourt and Future Perfect

Work from the Delcourt collection is synonymous with quality, yes, but also with a spirit of daring and expressiveness, albeit tempered through decades of experience and the willingness to seek out diverse sources of inspiration.

Delcourt collection highly textured textile in red and white fabric

The Delcourt Collection textiles showcase a commitment to craft that situates these fabrics within the brand’s expansive oeuvre of furniture and lighting, while also striking out into adventurous aesthetic terrain.

Textile swaches green, blue, brown with mottled white throughout

The collection inspires adjectives like “lush” and “intricate,” but they’re also versatile fabrics that convey Delcourt’s philosophy that design must “stand as an element of valorization of the interior, an expression of comfort, and the witness to an era.”

Christophe Delcourt swatch grey with muted color specks
Detail of Berber textile

Explore the entire collection at Future Perfect and Christophe Delcourt.

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