Fantastic Flora & Fauna: Wallpaper Murals by Anastasia Salem

Fantastic Flora & Fauna: Wallpaper Murals by Anastasia Salem

Anastasia Salem is a Georgia-based artist who has translated her verdant visions into mural wallpapers. Her portfolio, via Behance, includes fantastic worlds with flora and fauna.

hot-air balloons wallpaper mural

Salem’s design for Natty & Polly Wallpaper features Australian animals floating in hot-air balloons, including an adorable numbat and a curious Tasmanian devil. Fluttering flags and undulating ribbons add a sense of movement to the mural.

elephant wallpaper for Nevskaya Gallery

Salem created an exotic pattern with a pensive elephant and Seussian trees for Nevskaya Gallery. The dreamlike landscape displays luscious greens and calming violets, as well as pops of red and yellow. Her mural wallpapers are also available at Photowall and Factura.

cats wallpaper

Other designs include colorful maps, leaping bunnies, singing birds, cranes and cats, moths and mushrooms, and fields and flowers in bloom.

blooms wallpaper

Anastasia Salem’s energetic illustrations create otherworldly paradises to encourage dreaming in people of all ages.

mushroom wallpaper

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