Loci by KFI

Loci by KFI

Solid, sustainable, and quite slick to look at, KFI’s Loci table collection comes in collaborative and communal iterations—it pretty much covers all the many ways in which one might want to use a table.

shown in three heights and three colors
Loci slim and high version with bar chairs in upholstered foam
The list of attributes begins with materials. Loci is made of solid red oak, grown locally and sourced responsibly within 200 miles of the KFI factory and showroom (a repurposed Coca-Cola bottling plant in Louisville, KY), thus, “ensuring environmental consciousness from forest to furniture.”
High table with integrated power

Let’s add “beauty” to the list. These are exquisitely lovely tables. Lean enough to evoke the best of Scandinavian style but commodious such to accommodate large collaborative groups.

Loci high table with black bar-style seating

The fine craftsmanship is evidenced too, with a super-clean edge detail that says both rustic and refined.

Loci edge detail

The collection also aspires towards versatility. It’s available as a 42” x 84” communal table or 24” x 84” collaborative table, with café, counter, and bar heights and finish options in eight different wood stains—from the relative conservatism of Natural and Timber, to bolder shades like Navy and Evergreen. Loci also comes in multiple leg styles including waterfall, single overhang, and double overhang, a choice making for an avant-garde look that also provides a nifty shared space for collaborative work. There’s also a ganging option for longer runs.

Shown in natural stain with double overhang
Loci communal table with chairs

The multiple options make Loci ideal for a variety of venues: depending on need and aesthetic proclivity, Loci is right not only for eclectic workspaces, but also libraries, dining areas/work cafés, even upscale restaurants and bars.

Long and wide in dark oak

Discover more at KFI Studios.

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