The Stealth Shelf by BuiltIN Studio

It’s in each of us to weigh out how we can be healthier, smarter, more productive, maybe even how to be more fun while using the least amount of energy. When it comes to design, the best way to give a room a facelift with minimal effort is written on the walls: put up a shelf. Make it unique or quirky but always solid and with a story. BuiltIN Studio found a way to maximize the potential of space with the Stealth Shelf that is downright lovely.

Stealth Shelf. Designed and Manufactured by BuiltIN Studio.

Mix Up the 90-degree Angles with a Stealth Shelf by BuiltIN Studio for an Edgier Approach to Solid Wood Storage.

Made of solid walnut with a clear satin finish, the Stealth Shelf is one of three shelves offered by BuiltIN Studio. The other two – Check Shelf and Oblique Shelf – are equally as attentive to the details that Stealth draws upon to create an angle that’s hard to miss. Although it commands attention, the Stealth is smaller than the other two shelves and most definitely not intimidating. Using its own “unique geometry”, the flat surface is best used for objects on display while the bookend-less slanted section is great for books and other literature.

Stealth Shelf. Designed and Manufactured by BuiltIN Studio.

The BuiltIN Studio’s founding partners, Gary Eisner and Terence Kinee, graduated from Virginia Tech in 2004 with bachelor degrees in architecture. Prior to opening up the BuiltIN Studio, they managed interior projects for Kondylis Design for almost four years. This experience combined with their design of specific products and custom creation of spaces has honed their flexible approach to otherwise uni-planar objects.

Stealth Shelf. Designed and Manufactured by BuiltIN Studio.

Forget the investment of a complete overhaul of furniture or flooring. With the Stealth Shelf that draws the eye up and captivates the attention with bold lines, BuiltIN Studio quiets the desire to improve by capitalizing on the intrigue of a high level shelving unit.

About the Designer: BuiltIN Studio is a Brooklyn-based interior and architectural design studio drawings from extensive experience to bring a practical understanding of materiality, construction, and an environmentally conscience design sensitivity to each project. Since its founding in 2008, the partners at BuiltIN Studio have been prototyping and experimenting in their fabrication workshop, and in 2010 they officially expanded their services to include furniture and product design. Every piece is crafted with elegant simplicity, marrying flexibility and function with an attention to detail and finish.

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