Hankering to Gourmandize? Try Knud Kapper’s Instant Kitchen

I can think of more than a few temporary or impromptu abodes I’ve inhabited (even just during the past year) that would have improved one-hundred fold had they been availed of Danish Architect Knud Kapper’s inspired Instant Kitchen. There was the cramped walk-up in an un-named sector of a yet un-gentrified Brooklyn; the tiny garden apartment on Chatham square in Savannah, GA; even the spacious split-level in suburban Denver. The Instant Kitchen would have helped any of them instantly become more contemporary, more stylish, more functional, and more receptive of the protracted culinary endeavor that is a delectable wild mushroom risotto.

The Hansen Instant Kitchen. Designed by Knud Kapper for Hansen.

Kapper’s creation is truly one-of-a kind. Constructed, in the best Scandinavian style, of flawlessly-crafted and elegantly-joined solid oak, IK not only possesses the timeless appeal of work by modern masters, it also satisfies the tantalizing proposition of its name. The Instant Kitchen need only be introduced into the intended space, tapped into water, wired into electricity, and connected to gas, and, voila! You’re ready to take on that risotto. Down below, the piece features a generous bank of spacious drawers, up top, IK sports an integral sink, four handsome and compact gas burners, a nice stretch of countertop, and a designated space for both a dishwasher and a small oven.

Hankering to Gourmandize? Try Knud Kapper's Instant Kitchen

Hankering to Gourmandize? Try Knud Kapper's Instant Kitchen

The Instant Kitchen is also green, and I don’t just mean it’s constantly finding its way into new spaces, but that it’s constructed from 100% FSC-Certified lumber. It’s finished with natural oil or soap, which means that–a decade or so down the road, when it shows a bit of wear–it can easily be brought back to its original gleaming oak patina. “Perfect for master suites, pool houses, guest houses, apartments, or other small dwellings,” or anywhere else one might require a quick conversion of an auspicious but under-utilized space, the Instant Kitchen does Kapper proud.

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