HD Expo 2024: Can’t Take Your Eyes Off It

HD Expo 2024: Can’t Take Your Eyes Off It

Poised to make a grand statement in Las Vegas at the 2024 HD Expo, Daltile announces their Stare program: “a carefully curated collection encompassing a vibrant spectrum of colors, avant-garde mosaics, refined modern neutrals, and an extensive array of large format sizes.”

Stare collection Apothesis tile

The idea here is to equip designers with the tools to create stunning tile installations that take up entire walls—impossible to escape notice as with “Apothesis,” a textured tile that mimics the look of fabric. Apothesis may be orented vertically or horizontally to draw the eye in a desired direction.

Apothesis detail in shiny white

True to the name, Ecclectica is a ceramic wall tile in eight solid colors inspired by the world of high fashion, “with an assortment made even more spectral by a wealth of 3D structures, large sizes, and bright mosaics.”

Ecclectica from Stare collection by Daltile

Eforea plays with perspective in a daring geometric display that blends vibrant colors with hypnotic criss-crossing shapes.

Eforea tile half wall in cafe with geometric shapes in red/pink
Stare collection Eforea criss-crossing lines on backsplash in bath

Lastly, Electric incorporates a metallic shine that fairly buzzes and pops within its deeply textural elements: “endless potential for producing attention-grabbing walls, backsplashes, and overall mesmerizing spaces.”

Electric tile black raised textured tile large format on wall

The above just scratches the surface of Stare, a collection so entrancing you won’t be able to tear your eyes away. The best way to experience it is at HD Expo, booth #4127.

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