Logico by Ceramica Sant’Agostino

Logico by Ceramica Sant’Agostino

Ceramica Sant’Agostino presents the Logico collection, porcelain stoneware that’s somewhere on the continuum between the Bauhuas and Art Nouveau.

Logico mood board with wood-like surface, terrazzo, and autumn leaves

As the brand itself suggests, this is fertile ground, “the combination between the material industrial style and the desire for eclecticism.”

mood board with colorful rectangular samples on a rough cement palette

The collection begins as an homage to grey: the rigor and intelligibility of solid cement—a base palette for urban architecture that embraces the pulse of life by incorporating contrasting forms, color, and surface embellishments.

Room with Logico porcelain in terrazzo style

The result is not a synthesis but rather a “dialogue,” an aggregation of disparate elements with an undercurrent of versatility.

Close-up of porcelain stoneware floor in tan with ottoman upholstered in maroon fabric

Logico is an eclectic collection with a built-in elegance arising from three surface textures, 10 colorways, and a variety of dimensions including tiles in 1’x1′, 2’x2′, 3’x3′, 2’x4′, and 4’x4′. It’s appropriate for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

See Ceramica Sant’Agostino to find out more.

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