Fireclay Tile Sparks Imagination

Fireclay Tile Sparks Imagination

Bay Area designer Noz Nozawa loves tile, referring to it as “built-in artwork for your hard surfaces spaces.”

Noz Nozawa Fireclay Tile Navy Accent Tile in shower

As Sunset Magazine’s 2020 Best Designer of the West, Nozawa knows her way around this versatile and dynamic material. She frequently uses local favorite Fireclay Tile in her bathroom and kitchen designs, like in this two-toned kid’s bathroom that offers interlocking hexagons in a “Playful Picket” pattern to invigorate the senses.

Noz Nozawa Fireclay Tile two-tone kid's bathroom teal and white

Equally compelling but with a more subdued vibe, the rectangular Caribbean Blue tile evokes harmony and balance.

Noz Nozawa Fireclay Tile rectangular light blue in shower

Moving on to the kitchen, this backsplash of small format hexagonal tiles is busy and buzzy like a bee, yet its calming and cool palette is suggestive of the sea.

Noz Nozawa Fireclay Tile hexagonal kitchen backsplash blues and white

And White Mountains has a stacked and orderly feel that’s perfect for this spacious rustic kitchen.

Noz Nozawa Fireclay Tile brick style white in kitchen

Noz and Fireclay Tile are currently offering the Noz Design Sample Pack—eight of the designer’s favorite shades in 2×4 ceramic samples.

Noz Nozawa Fireclay Tile sample pack

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