Home is Where the Hearth is

Home is Where the Hearth is

The expression above isn’t just a clever quip. People definitely tend to gather around a fireplace—if you’re lucky enough to have one, you know how comforting and centering it can be. So do the folks at Fireclay Tile. Their extensive range of tile and tile mosaics are ideal for surrounding your eternal flame with complementary beauty and function.

Evergreen tile in parquet style behind wood stove

Above: Fireclay’s Evergreen wood stove surround toes the line between rustic and modern as the perfect backdrop to a similarly colored Vermont Castings stove (no expert here, but it just happens to be the very same model I had back when living in the Colorado mountains).

Below: Glam Black Hills features vertically oriented tile that goes all the way up for a dramatic backdrop with echoes of Art Deco and a California vibe.

vertically oriented black tile from floor to ceiling with fireplace, pink chairs, and various accessories on fireplace ledge

Here’s Norman glazed thin brick in Fireclay’s Elk colorway. Paired with built-in niches, the ensemble is clean and linear—a stylish tour de force that creates a “gorgeously geometric vignette.”

Fireclay tile thin brick tile with built in niches surrounding open fireplace

Mosaic Amalfi Coast features 3×3 sheeted tile with a 2×2 firebox interior for a beautiful coastal look that reflects both the colors and the monolithic sheen of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Amalfi tile with a Mediterranean look in turqoise blue color built in to white stucco wall

Our last fireplace features San Gabriel glazed thin brick in contrasting black hills and turquoise—complementing the surrounding decor with a dramatic linear look that echoes classic Midcentury design.

black horizontal tile surrounding open fireplace in midcentury modern home

See Fireclay Tile for more impeccably decorated interiors with tile fireplace surrounds.

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