Salone 2024 Preview: Choice by Tom Dixon

Salone 2024 Preview: Choice by Tom Dixon

It’s Spring—the season of birth and rebirth—which means it’s time for the design world to gather in Milan for Salone del Mobile 2024. From April 16 to April 21, new products will crop up and creep into exhibition spaces all over the city. And introverts, fear not! Satellite locations offer a respite from the official show headquarters at Rho Fiera.

The Manzoni restaurant

Tom Dixon, self-taught British designer extraordinaire, will continue exhibiting at his Italian restaurant/showroom The Manzoni. Why not? Every place Dixon creates, including his glam-industrial headquarters, is infused with his creativity. (Let’s just say I’d love to be miniaturized so I can spend the night at The Coal Office.)

The Coal Office

While the Dixon elves (elfi in Italian) prepare The Manzoni for Salone, we are happy to give a little rundown on new products to be shown as part of the brand’s Choice campaign.

Bell Lamps

Tom Dixon explains the reasons for Choice: “This year we want MORE. Much Much More. More colour, more variations, more unexpected combinations … The essential skill in the construction of special spaces requires judicial choices. So, we worked and worked to open up the collection to this unexpectedly vast series of possibilities.”

Melt Portables


Cut the cord on lighting—it’s time to embrace the millennial candlestick! Portables give people a way to carry their light from room to room. Dixon’s new Portables offer 9-10 hours of battery life.

Portables by Tom Dixon

As someone who loves table lamps, especially if they have a warm glow, I can’t get enough of the new Melt Portable. In any of its intergalactic incarnations (Silver, Gold, Copper, or Black), Melt Portable is a handheld wonder that delivers a dash of light and art wherever you go. Think of it as a traveling sculpture.

Bell Lamp in Fluro

Bell and Stone portables offer more choices. Bell is a shiny dome on top of a dome. In Fluro, a red-orange reminiscent of poppies, Bell really rings my bell. Stone is elemental, smooth, primordial. Marble is an unexpected material for a handy lamp.

Melt Chandelier Mini

Mini Chandeliers

Sometimes you need a compact alternative that’s just as dazzling. On the 10th anniversary of Melt, Dixon created the Melt Chandelier Mini. With the same organic shape and otherworldly luminosity as the original Melt series, Melt Chandelier Mini keeps the magic contained to four orbs.

Melt Chandelier Mini

Also new is a translucent version of Melt called Opal. Reminiscent of pearls, Melt Opal may become a favorite for minimalists. Dixon describes it well: “The shade emits ethereal glow in the daylight and forms a mesmerising illuminated orb at night.”

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