Custom Lighting by Rich Brilliant Willing at Lyric 70 Pine

Custom Lighting by Rich Brilliant Willing at Lyric 70 Pine

Rich Brilliant Willing pairs their modern sensibility and streamlined aesthetic with the architectural gem at 70 Pine in New York.

Rich Brilliant Willing Palindrome chandelier in Lyric Hotel lobby view from entryway with large Lyric sign on black wall

Now housing the new hospitality concept, Lyric, the 65-story structure was once the third-tallest building in the world. It was also the home of the Cities Services Company, from where it supplied power for several cities across the U.S.

Rich Brilliant Willing view from below of original building at 70 Pine in New York

The structure is an Art Deco treasure trove, as well as an important harbinger of the industrial age. Just so, RBW’s Palindrome Chandelier—featured in the Lyric’s lobby—pays homage with its bent metal structure.

Rich Brilliant Willing Palindrome chandelier with translucent curtains in background

Palindrome’s tubular steel arms zig and zag, evoking electrical conduits while also conveying a hip Steampunk aesthetic. The LED diffusers attach to the steel structure, rotating freely on the axis to direct light where desired.

Rich Brilliant Willing Palindrome Chandelier detail of diffuser

Lyric also features the RBW-authored Pastille Sconce: “With the bold geometric patterns of its glass surface accented by metal backings, Pastille’s design echoes the Art Deco sensibilities of Old Hollywood.”

Rich Brilliant Willing Pastille Sconce on blue wall in guest room at Lyric hotel

Read more about RBW’s collaboration with the Lyric Hotel here.

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