Mercur by Preciosa

Mercur by Preciosa

Created by designer-sculptor Rony Plesl, Mercur is a masculine chandelier made of lacquered stainless steel and bronze. A juncture of moveable parts topped by Edison bulbs, Mercur is "strong, determined and confident and is therefore very suited to loft and industrial spaces." Mercur is also changeable: it can move horizontally and vertically, changing its shape and size.


Created by Preciosa, a lighting firm located in the oldest known Bohemian glassmaking region in the Czech Republic, Mercur uses established techniques to create novel forms. The interest of Mercur lies in its masculinity, especially since chandeliers have for so long been associated with femininity. A strong and virile shape, along with moving metal components, challenges the very essence of the lighting object.


Mercur is not easily forgotten. As such, it is a great option for contract spaces: from Steampunk boutiques to modern libraries, smoking rooms to eclectic bars.



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