Cherry Mosaic by Artistic Tile

Cherry Mosaic by Artistic Tile

We are featuring two designs in glass tile by Artistic Tile this week: Light Cherry Moonbeam Mosaic and Dark Cherry Dizzy Plum Mosaic.  

Cherry Mosaic Moonbeam

Our calendars tell us that spring arrived March 19. Although many parts of the country are still muddling through deep mounds of snow, spring is coming to more temperate climates like Washington, DC where cherry blossoms are already blooming. This year is the third earliest bloom since the Yoshino cherry trees arrived here in 1912, a gift from Japan.

blooming cherry trees

If you like decorating with tile, you can have spring year round with Artistic Tile’s Light Cherry Moonbeam Mosaic and Dark Cherry Dizzy Plum Mosaic. In both colors, Cherry is a stunning Jazz Glass mosaic that mirrors the ephemeral beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms. The pink-hued springtime flora embodies fragility and effortless allure with delicate, blushing petals. Cherry encapsulates this essence in an intricate creation, harmoniously blending soft, iridescent colors that reflect light. Dark Cherry features a background in Dizzy Plum Jazz Glass, adorned with Parish Purple stems and flowers in Mulberry Jam, Pink Lady, and Rose Blush. Dark Cherry is anything but subtle. Its flowers announce their presence against the dark background, like flowers that burst out of dark, loamy dirt.

Dark Cherry Mosaic

Artistic Tile is a family-owned company in Secaucus, New Jersey, where their main plant is located.  They have nine showrooms in other U.S. cities and their products are available at 150 other luxury tile and stone showrooms. Artistic Tile fabricates products in stone, glass, porcelain, ceramic, shells, semi-precious gemstone, and terrazzo for residential, commercial, and outdoor spaces. 

Cherry Mosaic Moonbeam detail

Artistic Tile’s main plant is 85% sustainable. Cutting tile requires 60,000 gallons annually of water and their water comes from rainwater captured on their roof. Post-production waste is sold for aggregate as a component of cement. Their website at displays all of their products and has photos and slide shows of dazzling rooms where tile melds design with art. 

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