A Soft Breeze from Artistic Tile

A Soft Breeze from Artistic Tile

Just like the warm wind that is its namesake, Zephyr—from designer Alison Rose and Artistic Tile—softly undulates, billowing this way and that as it snakes an uncharted course.

Artistic Tile Zephyr close-up

The latest in Rose’s oeuvre, Zephyr is a collaboration that calls on previous Artistic Tile designs: the carving of Ambra, the inlay technique of Aviator, and the deep texture of Orlay.

Artistic Tile Zephyr two detailed views side by side

The synthesis of the above culminates in the feast for the senses that is Zephyr, a beautiful and texturally intricate design in which a ribbon of inlaid gold serpentines across a surface of carved black marble.

Artistic Tile Zephry large wall of tile displayed in front of large mirror with small mirror adjacent

Zephyr’s 8”x16” dimensional tiles may be installed horizontally or vertically, with the curves aligned or not, thus allowing for a continuous serpentining pattern or an intriguing disruption: “Zephyr will transform a space through its dimensional surface, sensual lines, and coloration… it creates an enveloping experience.” See Artistic Tile to read more.

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