The Soho Collection’s Mosaic Tiling by Artsaics

I’ve always wanted to know if other people like to look at bathroom floor tiles of the patterned or random mosaic variety. Something I do when I can’t figure out if there is a pattern or not, the art of laying tiles that aren’t in a uniform checkerboard or solid color is like an interesting psychology experiment similar to the popular “what do you see in this scribble?” idea. The Pleasant Blend’s neutral palette present in the Artsaics new Soho Collection of finely cut tiles may need an up close and personal exam.

Soho Collection. Manufactured by Artsaics.

Go Neutral with the Pleasant Blend’s Palette that is Present in the new Soho Collection by Artsaics

The Soho Collection is said to be inspired by an Asian concept of cutting natural stone in a very precise manner. Using a subtle color palette that is combined in no pattern whatsoever (but who knows if the person who laid the tiles is used to perfection and order) the tiles are the placed together, forming a mosaic of similar tints and shades that exudes tranquility.

Soho Collection. Manufactured by Artsaics.

Featuring a wide range of mosaic collections using the best materials on the market, the luxury of Artsaics compliments its subtle and transcendent qualities. Instead of focusing only on their natural stone mosaics, the company also includes hand cut glass, antiqued mirror, metals, crystals and a few semi-precious materials that add dimension and differentiates one collection from another by allowing each mosaic to, as they describe, “possess its own character”.

Soho Collection. Manufactured by Artsaics.

In a wide variety of natural stones and other materials in different sizes and color palettes, the wide assortment of Artsaics mosaics and other tile design projects make me think that even the most random of mosaics is an example of serene perfection.

About the Manufacturer: Artsaics is a company that manufactures innovative mosaics and hand painted tiling as well as custom, stone, water jet, and etched stone designs. They produce all of their commercial and residential products in their New York studio that began as a small shop of only three artisans. Since their beginning, Artsaics has created a legacy of beauty by designing and creating truly unique tile and stone design products that fit well as bathroom, kitchen, spa or custom projects.

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