Artistic Tile Works Blue

Earth shades are great, especially in autumn when everything transitions from shades of green, but we should never forget the enduring transcendence of blue.

Artistic Tile Blue tile fan club in bathroom

So argues Artistic Tile, presenting a palette of glass and ceramic tiles across the spectrum: from Cerulean to Azure, the tropical seas to the brilliant blue of the mid-day sky.

Artistic Tile Blue tile blue ombre on wall with champagne flutes in front

The images herein are just a taste of what happens when you get the blues: Fan Club Ombre in the kitchen (top) uses jazz glass for a jazzy motif; Billie Ombre Blue Mosaic (above) recreates the dreamy tones of Billie Holiday with a pattern reminiscent of rain streaking down glass; and Azul Macaubas ceramic tile (below) is like a beautiful sand painting, capturing a familiar landscape for a dramatic statement in this modern bathroom.

Artistic Tile Blue tile Azul Macaubas in bathroom

And there are many more where those came from. Other styles include Inverso Ceramic Blue with its sapphire blue glaze offering a luxe look, and Calacatta Bluette, “swirls of soft blue gray balanced with touches of rich cream and pale taupe.”

Artistic Tile Blue tile Inverso ceramic blue
Artistic Tile Blue tile Calacatta marble in sink

Artistic Tile’s selection of blue tones ranges from the inkiest dark of midnight to the wispiest hint of blue found in cumulus clouds. See their website to find out more.

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