Altos by Jaime Hayon

Altos by Jaime Hayon

In his poem about the conversational nature of reality “Everything is Waiting For You,” David Whyte writes, “The stairs are your mentor of things / to come.” Altos, the aptly named dual-function ladder/chair by Jaime Hayon at Galerie kreo in Paris, seems an as equal and holy invitation. Both literally and metaphorically, Altos is one way to make your way to a higher place.

Product image of Altos by Jaime Hayon

This ladder draws inspiration from the stable practicality of the 19th-century three-step library ladders. Sadly, those ethereal bibliotheca artifacts have morphed into its clunkier cousin, the spring-loaded black step stool that might appear, if you’re lucky, every few rows among the library stacks. Altos is so much more exquisite.

A man sitting in Altos by Jaime Hayon

The solid walnut wood is smooth and silky and the wide balustrade-like handle is as much for utility as it is for comfort, serving as one such way to physically move the ladder or as a backrest when you want to peruse the pages of the book you’ve just pulled off the shelf.

Macro image of the intricate details of Altos by Jaime Hayon

Altos is wholly hallowed and limited edition. Numbered and signed pieces only add to its overall charm and one-of-a-kind appeal.

Side angle of Altos by Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon is a Spanish designer who joined Fabrica, the Benetton-funded design academy in Italy, as their design department director until he decided to bet on himself in 2003. Today and through his work at Hayon Studio, he is one of the most acclaimed artists and visionaries. His love of artisan craft and its conservation—along with his deep creativity that consistently blurs the line between art, decoration, and design—all contribute to his artistic excellence in finely crafted, intricate objects.

Altos by Jaime Hayon in situ

Not too long ago 3rings covered Hayon’s clever and playful outdoor armchair Gardenia for BD Barcelona Design.

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