Gardenias from Jaime Hayon and BD Barcelona Design

Gardenias from Jaime Hayon and BD Barcelona Design

There’s something quintessentially Hayon-esque about Gardenias, the clever outdoor armchair + pergola created by Hayon for BD Barcelona Design.

Gardenias in green

Perhaps it’s the high-back profile (that makes any inhabitant seem kingly or queenly), or perhaps it’s the playful curves. It may even just be the intimation of a languorous afternoon in a Spanish garden.

Gray Gardenias tall and smaller chair in mint green on shady patio

Another thing Gardenias has going for it is its differentiation from patio or poolside furniture. As Hayon makes clear, this is garden furniture, “with organic forms that give it a sense of elegance, of delicacy and femininity.”

Dark green chair with Hayon sitting in it near shelf of terracotta vases

Gardenias hearkens back to the garden as a place of baroque expression, departing from the more minimalistic landscape designs in vogue over the past few decades.

detail of chair in green

This is welcome news for those who celebrate a certain unkempt quality, a naturalness that’s present in Gardenia’s beautiful organic forms.

Gardenias three chairs on rooftop patio

Find out more at BD Barcelona Design.

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