At NeoCon 2023: Tilt!

At NeoCon 2023: Tilt!

Here’s one that may have sneaked in under the radar at this year’s show, but deserves mention all the same: QOR360’s The Tilt! A no-nonsense task chair that’s doctor approved; in fact, founded by a trauma surgeon turned research epidemiologist!

From ergonomic sitting pioneers QOR360, The Tilt! is the latest in the company’s roster of back-saving chairs that, via a patented 360-degree rocking mechanism, actually give users an intuitive understanding of how to use their spines better.

The Tilt! prides itself on minimal embellishment. With a lean profile and simple height-adjustment feature, The Tilt! eschews the bells and whistles for a cost-conscious solution.

A couple of other features: The Tilt! features a finger-sized cutout on the underside of the seat for easy carrying and a seat cushion made of buckwheat hulls. A natural, sustainable replacement for foam, buckwheat hulls are reputed to be the meditation cushion material of choice for generations of Zen monks!

All this is a pretty decent endorsement to checkout The Tilt!, and all the other QOR360 chairs for that matter, especially if you’re interested in an alternative approach to sitting. As founder Dr. Turner Osler says, “We’re not trying to make a better chair. We’re trying to upend the idea of what a chair is.” Find out more at QOR360.

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