Montana Sideboard by Davidson

Montana Sideboard by Davidson

The Four-Door Montana Sideboard makes it sound like a sedan. But, the Montana Sideboard from luxury and bespoke British furniture company DAVIDSON is anything but. Montana Sideboard is a high-end sideboard with one job: an ability to provide flexible and luxury storage all while looking fabulous.

The sharp lines and elegant silhouette of the Montana Sideboard.

The Montana Sideboard is made of solid wood. It comes in, for lack of better words, tiny (1200mm), small (1800 mm), grand (2000 mm), or grandest (2200 mm). There are also 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-door options.

The high-gloss of the Montana Sideboard from DAVIDSON.

It’s easy to picture this high-gloss luxury sideboard in a home. It would be happy in a modern hallway that’s asking for some elevated elegance. Or, as a banquet along the edge of a formal dining room. It would also be pleasantly placed in a living room that’s already blending function with chic sophistication. The Montana Sideboard would bring the charm and add a touch of the exquisite.

The flush doors of the Montana Sideboard. These are push-latched.

The sleek, flush doors are push-latched. They close with a clasp. The satin wood inside mirrors the external. Shelves, with additional cutlery drawer options, are fully adjustable.

The Montana Sideboard comes in six timber finishes.   

Montana Sideboard

Sycamore Black calls to mind the inner workings of a tree trunk. You know those tree rings as they radiate out in the solid passage of time? Can you see it, too?

Montana Sideboard

Sycamore Pearl seems delicate. Almost spiritual? Heavenly-like, for sure. The delicate pearlescent diffusive pattern is like that moment when you look up at the sky and the clouds are revealing the sun’s brilliant crepuscular rays.

Montana sideboard

And, unquestionably, Figured Blue Eucalyptus is noteworthy. A vibrant option for a designer’s dream room.

The other timber finish options include Anegre Pebble Grey; Sycamore Pearl and Sycamore Slate; Sycamore Silk and Pebble Grey Anegre; and Sycamore Silk and Sycamore Black.

Montana sits atop a solid yet recessed plinth base, which in most options is brass. Full plinth finishes include Antiqued Brass, Brushed Brass, Polished Brass, or Polished Nickel.

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