Taol Table by Paola Lenti

Taol Table by Paola Lenti

The Taol Table by Paola Lenti is a piece of furniture that highlights the beauty of the natural world from whence it came. Abonos wood, carefully removed from river beds where it has rested submerged since the age of the glaciers, is wood that absorbs sand and gravel carried by the river and is preserved by the waters that flow over it for hundreds or thousands of years. Taol Table’s top is made of this wood—in Ash Abonos or poplar root Abonos.

Taol Table top view

No two pieces of the wood are alike. Some pieces, which have fallen from trees thousands of years ago, are darker, while newer pieces are lighter in tone. Although already very hard, the Abonos wood is treated to be water- and oil-repellant and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The Taol Table comes in a rectangular shape with rounded edges or as a square with rounded edges. The base, which features rounded corners, is available in stainless steel or gloss varnished in bianco or grafite.

Taol Table black base

Paola Lenti, an Italian company, was founded in 1994 by Paola and Anna Lenti. From its beginnings as a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, it expanded to indoor furnishings. Tradition and innovation together with respect for the planet are hallmarks of this company whose work is found in over 60 countries and 300 international showrooms.

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