At supersalone: Intimacy

At supersalone: Intimacy

What does it mean to be “intimate?” To have a profound connection, to share in secret knowledge, and perhaps most tellingly, to have a relationship that endures.

Intimacy Collection Tweed table, Maggiolino Chair, Pianoalto Sofa

This is the concept behind Zanotta’s Intimacy collection, exhibiting at Zanotta’s House Milano in Piazza XXV Aprile during supersalone.

Intimacy Collection Tweed tables

Intimacy is a corrective to a throwaway culture, a culture of accumulation and disregard. Zanotta postulates that we should instead look to products that endure, “objects full of meaning, functional but with a soul, conceived to accompany us throughout our lives.”

Intimacy Collection Maggiolino Chair in tweed and leather

What makes a design object worthy of that distinction, what enables it to endure, to maintain and sustain an interpersonal relationship?

Intimacy Collection gray sofa

It must beguile. It must provoke admiration, wonderment, respect. It must be designed well, made of simple, natural, healthy materials that last. It must be timeless, able to withstand cultural upheaval without becoming passé or obsolete. And it must have personality, the ability to reflect on our lives as we grow and change alongside it.

Intimacy Collection several pieces in interesting room with mural of furnitue, luminescent wallpaper, pink painted beams, and blue carpet

All of this may sound like a tall order, but Zanotta believes Intimacy provides a good blueprint.

Intimacy Collection with Ambrosiano table, and Dan Chairs and large colorful mural of a man working on a computer

The collection is comprised of enduring pieces from top designers, including Patrick Norguet’s Dan Outdoor Chair, Marco Zanuso’s Maggiolino Chair, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba’s Pianoalto Sofas, Garcia Cumini’s Tweed Mini Tables, and Studio Misto’s Ambrosiano Tables.

Intimacy Collection Dan Chair
Dan Outdoor by Patrick Norguet
Intimacy Collection Maggiolino Chair in blue
Maggiolino Chair by Marco Zanuso
Intimacy Collection Pianoalto Sofa in gray
Pianoalto Sofa by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba
Intimacy Collection Tweed Mini Table low and long
Tweed Mini Table by Garcia Cumini
Intimacy Collection Ambrosiano Table
Ambrosiano Table by Studio Mist-O

Find out more at Zanotta and Fuorisalone.

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