Invisible Solar Rooftile by Dyaqua

Invisible Solar Rooftile by Dyaqua

Italian company Dyaqua is making solar invisible by integrating photovoltaic and photocatalytic technology into an architectural element. The company's Invisible Solar Rooftile features a natural look and realistic surface that blends into its environment.


Intended for new and existing roofs, the Invisible Solar Rooftiles look like traditional barrel tiles made from clay, so they "blend in the aesthetic continuity of the roof." Made with non-toxic and recyclable materials, Invisible Solar Rooftiles are also strong: they can withstand a heavy load and tolerate chemical solvents and atmospheric agents.


Their photocatalytic properties mean that when activated by light, the tiles purify the air while cleaning the tile's surface. It's smart, eco-friendly, and stylish. Invisible Solar Rooftiles are a win-win: they are made for people who want solar power without unsightly solar panels.


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