Paola Lenti Gets Twiggy with It

Paola Lenti Gets Twiggy with It

Paola Lenti announces an innovative textile duo: Twiggy, a chemical-free yarn woven into ropes and knit structures, and Diade, a naturally waterproof material that’s ideal for the outdoors.

Twiggy and Diade Sun Lounge three aqua and white

Paola Lenti proudly displays the potential of the new fabrics with outdoor furnishings like Elba—a stackable collection comprised of chairs, stools, and loveseats in which Diade takes the form of load-bearing slats.

Twiggy and Diade Elba loveseat, stool, and chair

The revolutionary fabric also provides the swooping, undulating backbone of the Sun Chaise Lounge, a cool two-tone piece featuring “a shaped body with an essential appearance.”

Twiggy and Diade Sun chaise lounge two back to back aqua and white

Twiggy, for its part, makes an appearance in Paola Lenti’s outdoor rugs—including the intricate Net and whimsical Parallelo.

Twiggy and Diade Parallelo Rug green with furniture

Twiggy and Diade represent the trajectory of Paola Lenti—the company aspires toward a sustainable ethos of respect for the environment, renewed resources, and non-pollutive production. Go to Paola Lenti for additional information. And check out Designer Pages Media for more innnovative textiles.

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