Gradient Frees up the Fixed Floorplate

Gradient Frees up the Fixed Floorplate

Gensler and manufacturer Pair make quite a—well—pair!

Gradient System with biophilic storage and several workstation desks

With Gensler acting as product development consultant, the two recently collaborated on the Gradient Workplace System, a mobile and modular kit of parts that enables users to change the very nature of space, on the fly and with minimal effort.

Panel installed

The above is one example of how Gradient accommodates user needs. The panels attach with a simple intuitive grommet system that screws into the frame, facilitating the transition between “deep-thinking heads, down work to collaborative areas.”

Gradient switching panels

But the figurative and literal backbone of Gradient is the “Beam” metal framing system, “a power and data exoskeleton that allows Gradient to be both customizable and flexible.”

Gradient Beam bare bones
Beam with panels
Beam with panels and desks
Fully assembled

The above demonstrates how Gradient expresses different iterations from the bare bones establishment of structure (and the infrastructure of power and data) all the way up to a fully realized dynamic workspace with acoustical panels, integrated variable-height desks, and end-cap storage.

Gradient system with desks, panels, and storage end cap

Note too the streamlined desk design. These attach to the Beam structure in the back, while a simple pair of cylindrical support legs form the front. The system also incorporates clients’ own desks, which cuts down on extraneous investment. And Storage takes the form of mobile end units with varied frame colors, which can be an important feature for way-finding.

Woman opening storage

Beyond the green legs above, the storage modules can also bring in some green by incorporating a bit of biophilia, a central element to a healthy workspace.

Different Gradient storage modules

Last but definitely not least, Gradient is impressively customizable. Finish options include a vast palette of powder-coat colors for any of the metal surfaces, different veneers and laminates for the worktops, and soft materials in a wide array of patterns, thicknesses, and textures.

Gradient finish palette

For more information, check out the Pair and Gensler websites. And see 3rings for more flexible and dynamic workplace systems.

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