enKAK: a Memorable Name for a Clever Collection

enKAK: a Memorable Name for a Clever Collection

Designed during the COVID pandemic with an eye to accommodating evolving workplace styles, enKAK by Iris Chitose for nendo finds a comforting middle ground between the circle and the square.

enKAK workstations in neutral palette, tables, booths, task chairs, etc...

The name connotes as much. “en,” Japanese for circle, and KAK, meaning angle, come together in a best of both worlds approach that melds function and emotion, the pragmatic aspect of straight lines with the pacifying and pleasant qualities of curves.

office furniture from Iris Chitose: café table with chairs; dual workstation with task chairs and bar feature with stools; sofas with planters; and work carrel with sound absorbing panels

The desks are actually all-purpose surfaces. Matching heights and widths enable easy pairing and joining. Options like flap-up tables facilitate impromptu meetings and can also serve to hide cables.

enKAK workstations view from above

Side tables and benches are shaped in combinations of semicircles and squares, accentuating the pleasing synchrony while also creating intuitive spaces to incorporate planters and light fixtures.

benching in different straight and semi-circular shapes in blue, green/blue, gray, dark gray, and natural wood
enKAK sofas and booths set up with small tables and multi-use chairs and floor lamps

The enKAK collection also includes a variety of seating, including stacking chairs, lounge chairs, and desk chairs, in addition to compatible accessories like coat racks, umbrella stands, sound absorbing panels, and trash bins—”all designed to strike a balance between propriety and relaxation, between an energizing atmosphere and a comfortable one.”

enKAK tables and chair with black pendant lamp and sound-absorbing wall panel

See nendo for additional details. And visit 3rings to check out more creative modular furniture.

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