FLX Wins Metropolis Likes 2023

FLX Wins Metropolis Likes 2023

The FLX Flexible Life Sciences Workbench by Formaspace is an innovative back-to-back station that’s specially designed for science applications.

Formaspace FLX unit in black

As you might imagine, a tidy work environment is paramount in science labs. Just so, FLX facilitates the infrastructure without creating a mess of “extrastructure.”

FLX workstation with overhead service panel

In this regard, features include wire-management troughs, seamless routing of electrical cords through 2×4 laser-cut steel legs, easy integration with overhead service panels, independently height-adjustable sides, and sliding hanging pedestal file storage.

Workstations in science lab

Why else does Metropolitan like FLX so much? It’s effectively a modular system. New stations can be created simply by adding an additional work surface and two legs. This, coupled with knock-down shipping, helps conserve materials and minimize climate costs of production and transport.

More FLX ganged workstations

Surfaces are available in Phenolic, Epoxy, ESD Laminate, and High-pressure laminate, with color options in black semi-gloss, gray, light gray, and white gloss.

Workstations with under-desk storage

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