Watson’s Edison Rail is a Bright Idea

Watson’s Edison Rail is a Bright Idea

Bend the rail and break the rules with Watson’s inspired Edison system, a collection of workspace furniture that eschews the boring old straight line.

Edison rail with back to back desks, planters, and privacy rails

Edison operates on all angles, so to speak. The collection’s literal and figurative spine is a bendable rail system that pivots from zero to 90 degrees around the mid-leg between each segment.

Edison pivoting rail

The rail not only constitutes the base framework for attaching and linking desks, storage, and accessories, it also houses power and data infrastructure in a seamless and continuous conduit that’s discretely out of view.

Rail system with power and infrastructure

The flexibility of the rail system enables multiple exciting and unorthodox configurations, from zig-zagging arrangements to subtler off-sets to the compelling “uphill” effect achieved with the Edison Riser desk.

Riser desk
Edison rail system: five desks in workspace

What Watson refers to as “bending the rail” not only creates a unique aesthetic, but also enhances worker wellness, “improving sightlines and making workstations feel more spacious, without having to sacrifice density or privacy.”

Edison rail system zig-zag arrangement

Edison system with white desks and green partitions in open and sunny office.

Find out more at Watson.

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