At Salone: Ralik by Arper and Ichiro Iwasaki

At Salone: Ralik by Arper and Ichiro Iwasaki

Ichiro Iwasaki brought a light touch to Salone this year with Ralik, a modular seating system that’s tough enough for kids to romp around on yet as stylish as silk.

Ralik with gray seating elements and kids with dad in living room scene
Ralik seating and bench in office environment with partition and chair

Ralik is made for moving. That is to say, the elements incorporate fuss-free, tool-less ganging, thus encouraging reconfiguration as well as a variety of human postures.

Office scene with partition, bench, and seating with three hip people

The collection is made of six components: pouf, seat with backrest, and bench, each offered as one- or two-seaters. Bounus: the Ralik tables fit in the slot between seating elements, providing structure and function.

Ralik seating with table, in yellow

And Ralik is nothing if not colorful. Arper offers upholstery and legs in various colors. The collection also is mindful of sustainability concerns: the legs are made of recycled polypropylene and the collection can be easily disassembled and the upholstery removed for repurposing or clean retiring.

Ralik elements in various colors, view from above

Get additional details at Arper.

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