Arper Innovates for a Post-Covid World

Arper Innovates for a Post-Covid World

Manufacturer Arper acknowledges the post-Covid reality with furniture that easily adapts to facilitate social distancing and virus protection.

Arper innovates Stacy Chair spaces in classroom

Kiik is a great example. This modular seating system allows quick reconfiguration to keep distance between users.

Arper innovates Kiik Seating in airport

Kiik can also incorporate Arper’s Paravan partitions—attractive privacy panels that enhance safety without taking up too much space.

Arper innovates Kiik seating and Paravan panels in airport

Paravan works well in workspaces too, with “Mood Dividers” that create distance and privacy without completely shutting off contact.

Arper innovates paravan panels and mood partitions in workspace

Lastly, Arper’s Cila Go Chair is a self-contained workspace with exceptional mobility—the rolling casters allow quick changes in location and proximity to others.

Arper innovates Cila Go Chair and Paravan panels

Find out more about these innovative approaches to reclaiming our spaces at Arper. And go to Designer Pages Media for other articles on how manufacturers and designers are adapting to the pandemic.

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