Ascent Ups the Airport Experience

Ascent Ups the Airport Experience

Before you ascend past the clouds on your next flight, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to experience Ascent modular public seating.

Ascent seating salmon and gray chairs facing opposing directions

Designed by Brad Ascalon for Mitab, Ascent aspires to both simplify and improve the experience of airport seating. Each seat is a single-piece of upholstered extruded foam, enabling multitudes of configurations while also providing the opportunity to customize.

Ascent salmon chairs close-up view with table

The wooden base provides support, in terms of stability for the seat, but also with integrated power and charging, always a priority for airport seating. And empty space along the base can be used for setting down items, include pre-flight food and drink.

gray/green chairs on solid wood base with power/data station

With its organic contours and colorful contrasts, Ascent rises above most public seating, especially the cold and institutional kind too often found in airports.

Ascent dark green with power charging
Ascent chairs on wooden podium. Three chairs in gray.

Ascent is available in a variety of colors. Find out more at Mitab and Brad Ascalon Studio.

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