The Mobile Modules of Kastel’s Klipper

The Mobile Modules of Kastel’s Klipper

From Federica Felici for Kastel, Klipper is a Klever modular furniture concept with simplicity at its core and exuberance on its sleeve.

Inspired by the need for easy mobility and quick change-ups, Klipper is comprised of three different sizes of upholstered seating components: compact square, long rectangle, and smallish triangle.

With the help of an easy-to-attach back-/side-rest, the elements combine into an exponential number of potential configurations.

Klipper in modern living room with large picture window. In orange/rust and blue/white

Make it into a chair, a sofa, or sectional seating that wends and winds around the space in endlessly creative iterations.

Klipper long view of several components with different colors in curvy configuration

And Klipper has a color palette to match its playful soul: durable, finely tailored upholstery that really pops.

Upholstery detail: cherry red on maroon

See Kastel to find out more.

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