Barrow for Two by Ethnicraft

Barrow for Two by Ethnicraft

If you have someone in your life who you’d like to sidle-up close to, then Barrow for Two is for you.

Barrow For Two cutout, side view

An expansion of the original line, Barrow for Two is a commodious take on Ethnicraft’s much-loved lounge, designed by Jacques Deneef.

Barrow lounge chair in pine green

Original Barrow Lounge. Designed by Jacques Deneef.

Like the original lounge, the two-seater offers a vintage vibe and a spacious sit. The slim metal frame and legs set off the plush seat and back for a nice balance between form and function.

Barrow for Two in off white side view on wood floor

In addition to the original off white, ginger, and copper colorways, the Barrow line now comes in an enchanting pine green—a perfect palette of natural neutrals to give your environs a bit of biophilia.

Green lounge chair near fire with forest scene visible outdoors

To get eclectic, add in the matching pouf: together, the three offer superlative comfort in a context of minimal living.

Lounge and ottoman in green
Barrow for Two in off white outdoors visible beyond

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