Arrmet’s Fondina is Just Fine

Arrmet’s Fondina is Just Fine

From brand Arrmet and designers LucidiPevere, the Fondina chair is a simple, sculpted piece with a clever wrinkle.

Fondina detail with red cushion partially lifted to show magnetic feature

The image above details the removable upholstered cushion and its clever conceit: it’s magnetized!

Fondina red view from front

Just so, users may choose either Fondina, available in the red version above and many others besides, or “Fondina Easy,” the original version of the chair in natural ash.

Fondina natural ash

Painted versions come in black, wenge, green, gray, and rust, with matching magnetized cushions in Kravadt fabric.

many Fondina chairs in different colors

Check out Arrmet for further details. And visit us at 3rings to see more sublimely sculpted wooden chairs.

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