At NeoCon 2023: Bolete Makes an Impact

At NeoCon 2023: Bolete Makes an Impact

Patricia Urquiola’s sustainable Bolete Lounge Bio took home the award for Business Impact in seating at last week’s NeoCon 2023, just one in what is certain to be multiple accolades for this clever arm-less lounge chair that links with others of its ilk to create comfy modular seating.

Bolete Lounge Bio in orange and red forming a circle

Bolete (Spanish for “ticket”) makes use of Urquiola’s earlier Nuez Lounge Bio, employing the very same eco-friendly bio-polymer. Derived from living microorganisms, it’s 100% fossil-fuel-free and fully recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Lounge chair in salmon, several, view from above

In addition to fostering dialogue about sustainability, as well as putting it into practice, the versatile Bolete ventures further into creative workspace terrain, encouraging spaces that depart from the norm of conference tables and workstations.

Bolete Lounge Bio in orange circular arrangement with the designer
Lounge chair detail

Read more about Patricia Urquiola‘s ongoing collaboration with Andreu World.

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