Wheel Away with Willow

Wheel Away with Willow

A nifty little table that’s long on personality, KFI Studios’ Willow is yet another tool to combat the ever-blurred lines between the residence and the workspace.

Willow table in gray next to partial view of green upholstered chair

Designed as a work-anywhere piece, Willow features a simple structure of bent plywood, ergonomically fashioned for ease of use and advantageous positioning.

A white laptop table next to a maroon upholstered chair

Among Willow’s nods to the contours of the human body, the angled base offers a pleasing perch for feet, while the long reach of the worktop helps you find the sweet spot for elbows, shoulders, and neck.

Willow in gray with green upholstered chair

Willow’s high-pressure laminate surface deeds durability to a table that’s sure to see hours upon hours of use. It also offers an under-surface groove to make it easy to pull toward you. And our favorite feature is preserved for last: “non-marking rubber tires with a self-braking design.” Good thinking, for we wouldn’t want things to get out of hand while wheeling willow speedily around.

Willow wheel detail

Willow is Indoor Air Quality Gold certified through SCSglobal. Get further details at KFI Studios.

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