More Than a Block by Xiting Huang

More Than a Block by Xiting Huang

Variations of More Than a Block

Multi-functional modular furniture is all about variety. What can it be? What can’t it be?

More Than a Block, which was exhibited in the Interior Educators Show 2023 and is shortlisted by the global design graduate show 2023, is designed by UAL Camberwell College of Arts graduate Xiting Huang.

Huang is a spatial designer who constructed these building blocks to adapt to any space, room, or type of interior design. These designs were showcased in 2023 at Really Peckham Market in London.

More Than a Block can be built into custom shapes and easily disassembled. When stacked and constructed, the blocks turn into furniture like chairs, cubes and cubbies, display shelves, mini storage closets, dining tables, and desks.

These blocks are built out of plywood and finished with iron bars. The lightness of plywood, compared to solid wood, appealed to Huang as did its renewable and eco-friendly nature.

More than a block variety shots

Reuse or recycle them. Build a desk one day. Turn it into shelves the next. The possibilities are endless. That’s the beauty of modular furniture combined with changing circumstances: rearrange and rebuild however you see fit.

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