Bice is a Happy Little Number

Bice is a Happy Little Number

The new Bice chair, from Italian firm E-ggs for Miniforms, has a cheerful aspect. It’s light and slight, but very much present; formally spare but with a distinctive aesthetic.

e-ggs chose the name wisely. “Bice” will be read in English as rhyming with “mice,” which isn’t terribly off-the-mark given the chair’s resemblance to a “beloved cartoon character.” However, in Italian it will be pronounced as “Beee-Cheee,” evoking the elegant silhouette of a bicycle and the popular Italian name meaning “she who brings happiness.”

Bice rear view detail

Bice’s penchant to please results from its broad curved backrest, a subtle circular form echoed in the similarly circular seat, the two joined by the elegant back legs, that taper ever so subtly toward the floor.

in Walnut from rear

Bice thrives on its look alone, yet, to sweeten the deal, it’s stackable too, making it charming and versatile.

Stacked. Natural, Walnut, Black.

Bice is available in Natural Ash, Walnut, Oak, and Stained Black. Get further details at Miniforms. And visit 3rings to discover more artistically inspired wood chairs.

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