Blast Off With Altreforme’s Cyber

Blast Off With Altreforme’s Cyber

Go Galactic with Altreforme’s Cyber chair. Designed by Antonio Aricò for the Galactica collection, this eye-catching piece is a criss-crossing, stargazing, geometric tour de force.

Cyber chair in arty display with other colorful and shiny objecrts

Looking at Cyber, glittery and shiny are two adjectives that come to mind, perhaps recommending it to the Fairy Princess set, but the chair’s appeal goes beyond the innate desire for an aesthetic of resplendence, as it calls on the stylings of cultural icons as diverse as David Bowie, Karim Rashid, and even Stanley Kubrick.

Cyber in sunny room with rough wood floors

Hopefully, the above gets home the point that Cyber has universal appeal: its look and its vibe transcend terrestrial concerns and point to possibilities beyond this earth and even this solar system.

Cyber back detail magenta with green backrest visible

Cyber is 100% aluminum. Finish options include a space-age bounty of all RAL/Pantone colors as well as “special glitter and reflecting refinements.‎”

Cyber rear view: green frame, orange seat, magenta back

Conduct further interstellar explorations at Altreforme.

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