Quitllet Doesn’t Quit

Quitllet Doesn’t Quit

Simplicity reigns with the streamlined and stackable Quitllet chair by Nitesco International, a Milan-based company known for its modern, minimalist products.

A streamlined polypropylene chair in black

Quittlet, “the result of the ingenuity and sensitivity of the homonymous Spanish designer” (this would be the Catalan maestro Eugenio Quittlet), joins Nitesco’s Margherita and Josephine, a trio of stackable polypropylene chairs that are versatile enough to be used indoors and out, in the diverse applications of residential, workspace, healthcare, and hospitality.

Quittlet two chairs in white and black in a coffee shop

Quittlet’s unique aesthetic pays homage to pebbles, of all things. One sees this in the chair’s concentric rings, inspired by the way pebbles interact with water and vice versa—the polishing movement of waves and the ripples of stones tumbling into water.

Quittlet detail with taupe, ivory, and black chairs in stacked configuration
Black and white Quittlet in outdoor setting

Quittlet keeps it even simpler with a subdued and earthy palette of ivory, taupe, and black. The stylish gap at the top serves as a convenient handle. Explore more at Nitesco.

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