At supersalone: BASE Milano

At supersalone: BASE Milano

Among BASE Milano's many offerings at Milan Design Week ("an experimental itinerary that ranges from the microworld of a bedroom-studio to the collective sphere of the neighbourhood"), the "Future Visions. Temporary Home." exhibit seems especially prescient—and undeniably fun.

future modes of living exhibit small room privacy screen, low table, boxing heavy bag, and clock
"Future Modes of Living" by Micocugino, Alberto Costa, and IKEA Italia

This isn't merely an exhibit but an actual living circumstance, as both local and international designers will inhabit the living exhibition as residence and workshop for five days.

Waste as resource exhibit with art made from reconstituted paper and plastic
"Waste as Resource" by Vincente Varella and Superforma

Future Visions. Temporary Home. is thus a real-time experiment as well as a proposed suite of solutions to cultural and ecological challenges—from resource use to infection control; from the potential (and potential dangers) of technology to the evolution of the domestic realm

Bounding Spaces exhibit models wearing expandable clothes that maintain social distance

Bounding Spaces exhibit models wearing expandable clothes that maintain social distance
"Bounding Spaces." Social Distance Wearables by Anna-Sophie Dienemann

The different approaches range from the flip to the philosophical, as in Julian Gorras' study of the way movement, interaction, and emotion can help mould material and shape.

Movement Moulds material exhibit with wastepaper basket that falls and rolls back up next to chair
"Movement Moulds Material" by Julian Gorras

Future Visions. Temporary Home. is located at the BASE headquarters at Via Bergognone 34 in the ex-Ansaldo complex in Milan. Stop by during supersalone to see it in person.

Posted September 7, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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