Semiton offers Seminal Storage

Semiton offers Seminal Storage

From Garcia Cumini for Arper, Semiton is modular shelving and storage for all manner of nomad. Because, after all, who among us isn’t nomadic from time to time?

Semiton modular storage details of different modules

What makes Semiton nomadic? “It’s Endlessly customizable and finished on all sides… Mix it up, pull it out, put it away, make some space, set it on display.”

Semiton two-unit configuration

Semiton is comprised of a powder-coated base and different sizes of storage modules. There are two- and three-unit configurations and three styles including shelf, open, or equipped with doors.

Semiton storage base in gray and natural wood

Semiton three-unit in green, yellow, blue

As mentioned above, the modules are finished on all sides, meaning that a simple rotation gives your Semiton storage a fresh new look. They can also be oriented in both directions and used from either side, so the system may be placed anywhere in the room.

Semiton storage in green with woman and man

Semiton comes in a variety of finishes and colors, allowing you to choose your space and the character of it. As the designers say, “With Semiton, we redesign and redefine spaces in a way that is free, spontaneous and open to a new functionality.”

Semiton storage product family, various units and colors

Go to Arper to find out more.

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