Discover Third Spaces with Fantoni’s Panorama

Discover Third Spaces with Fantoni’s Panorama

Break up your space without breaking the bank.

Panorama is a space division system targeted towards those informal, incidental areas within a workspace that can foster collaboration and productive focus. Fantoni calls them “third spaces.”

Space division system with louvered wall in blue

Among the collection we find three different types of spaces. “Learning and Focus” puts an emphasis on privacy, offering partitions of different heights as well as louvered panels. These areas may also be integrated with the Mini phone booth for individual video calls.

Natural wood with phone booth and incorporated planter

Collaboration spaces encourage spirited interaction. These are equipped for short and stand-up meetings as well as soft seating for “cocooning zones that help to foster a comfortable and creative environment.”

Panorama soft seating area with a scooter

And Social spaces up the informality. Non-traditional areas for breaks or breakout time, Social Spaces facilitate fun and casual exchange via freestanding single or double compositions.

Space division system in white with louvered wall, planter, soft seating in background

Panorama’s varied color palette offers yet further creative options while remaining unified by the continuous black edging detail.

Casegood detail, natural wood

See Fantoni to find out more.

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