Patricia Urquiola’s Nuez Lounge BIO is 100% Sustainable

Patricia Urquiola’s Nuez Lounge BIO is 100% Sustainable

Andreu World expands their sustainable product offering with Patricia Urquiola’s Nuez Lounge BIO, an encompassing, comfy, and compostable chair that’s “100% Urquiola and 100% sustainable.”

Nuez Lounge BIO side view white interior

The principal innovation here is a new natural thermopolymer. Derived from living microorganisms, it’s 100% fossil-fuel-free and fully recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Nuez Lounge BIO side making polyme different petri dishes

The new material constitutes the entirety of the shell, which is available in four dynamic colors.

Nuez Lounge BIO side rear view brown shell

BIO continues the theme with Andreu World’s Circular ONE foam upholstery, made of PET (recycled and recyclable) and repurposed textile waste.

Nuez Lounge BIO side front view white upholstery

The chair also features a central base made of FSC-certified Ash, rounding out a terrific trio of sustainable attributes that makes BIO one of the most eco-friendly pieces of upholstered furniture on the market.

Nuez Lounge BIO side side view orange shell

Find out more at Andreu World. And go to Designer Pages Media to see other work from Patricia Urquiola.

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